Automate and standardize processes with EDI and API connections.

Integration Challenges

To keep up with increasing volumes of data, companies must tackle challenges such as different file formats and transmission protocols, high costs for developing individual EDI connections and high effort for maintaining interfaces. We provide a simple solution to these challenges.

Integration simplified

1 connection from your ERP system to the SPOT Visibility & Collaboration Platform is enough to enable easy and fast connectivity to your business partners using standard APIs. 

We offer a range of standardized data exchange services, from traditional EDI to RESTful APIs, to fully integrate all processes and parties along your supply chain.

Data Exchange Possibilities

Many EDI implementations rely on FTP (File Transmission Protocol) and batch operations. This makes errors and processing delays difficult to correct, which can result in additional costs. 

API (Application Programming Interface) is the modern version of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Although API connections serve the same purpose as EDI connections, they are built on newer technology like JSON (Java Script Object Notation) and XML that makes them easier to set up and maintain. 

API Documentation

If you prefer to set up an EDI connection using your own in-house expertise, we can provide all the information your developers need. A dedicated data source created by developers for developers allows us to share SPOT API documentation for various data objects in JSON and XML formats.

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