Bring all parties together on one platform for seamless, workflow-based procurement.

Purchase Order

Use SPOT to place purchase orders with your suppliers by entering data manually or via automatic EDI transmission. SPOT immediately asks your supplier to confirm the new order.

Workflow-Based Automation

SPOT ensures that your purchase orders are processed smoothly and according to schedule. Get informed whenever complications arise by system-driven reminders and alerts that can be customized to your needs and procurement processes.

Transport Planning

SPOT provides an overview of your suppliers’ production progress and expected cargo readiness dates to help you optimize transport utilization and efficiently consolidate shipments.


De-centralized communication via e-mail, telephone or hardcopy can be inefficient, time-consuming and unreliable. The SPOT Messenger handles all communication, ensuring that important information reaches the right parties and is recorded with the relevant purchase order for easy reference.


Upload your purchase order and contracts or quality check reports to make all documentation centrally available. SPOT lets you share your documents securely and conveniently.

Reporting & Analytics

SPOT Reporting allows you to monitor your suppliers’ production progress, measure delivery reliability and get the latest information about landed costs on item level with just one mouse-click.

Customizable Dashboard

The User Dashboard shows you all important information at a glance and you can set it up to suit your preferences.


From order placement until final delivery


All procurement parties on one platform

Cost Savings

Minimize emergency transports, maximize delivery reliability


Flexible data exchange using RESTful APIs


System-driven workflows and escalations

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Improve planning along the entire supply chain.

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