Connect to all your CEP providers on one platform to enable easy price comparison, order placement, label printing and shipment tracking as well as automated dispatch from your warehouse.

Rate Comparison

Simply enter origin, destination, weight and size of the parcels you want to ship and SPOT will show you all available parcel service providers along with their prices and lead times.

Label Print

SPOT Parcel lets you generate carrier-compliant labels so you no longer need to log into each separate provider’s system to print shipment and return labels.

Pick-up Order

Select the date and time for your preferred pick-up. SPOT Parcel immediately provides you with possible pick-up time windows for each provider.

Shipment Tracking

With all transports on one platform, SPOT makes it easy to track your parcel shipments and see all important events at a glance.

Alerts and Notifications

SPOT Parcel proactively informs you about any delays and deviations concerning your parcel shipments, displayed as exceptions and discrepancies on the Dashboard. In addition, you are immediately informed when your parcel weight and dimensions are recored by your CEP provider, so you can claim errors right away.


Create a report of all shipments in a specified time period and compare shipment rates with invoices received from your courier provider for fast invoice checking and approval.

API Integration

Integrate your web shop or warehouse management system with SPOT Parcel and benefit from existing connections to all major courier companies to check rates, print labels and track shipments in real time.

Customizable Dashboard

On your personalized SPOT Dashboard, you can easily manage your parcel shipments along with all other transport modes and carriers. The simple overview of all your Air, Sea, Road and Parcel shipments helps you save time and keep track of important milestones and changes.


Overview of all transport modes


All CEP providers on one platform


Flexible data exchange using RESTful APIs

Cost Savings

Easy cost comparison with near real-time rates


System-driven workflows and escalations


Send parcels directly from your warehouse

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