Connect to all CEP providers on one platform for easy price comparison, order placement, shipment tracking, automatic dispatch and label printing.

Easy Order Placement

Simply enter the origin and destination of your parcel shipment and SPOT will show you all available parcel service providers along with their lead times and prices. Pick your preferred provider and enter any necessary additional details. SPOT will let you know the expected pick-up date and keep you updated about any changes. You can also print proforma invoices, e.g. for sample shipments, as well as shipment and return labels for easy handling. 

Effortless Shipment Tracking

SPOT connects with all your CEP providers so that you can track your shipments in real time via one platform. In addition, SPOT proactively informs you of changes and deviations from expected delivery dates. As soon as your parcel arrives at the first origin hub, SPOT checks the weight and measurement data and immediately informs you in case of any discrepancies from the data you entered earlier. This way, you can claim errors immediately rather than having to wait for monthly invoices.

One Connection to all Parcel Providers

We connect to your parcel service providers so you can manage all parcel shipments via SPOT. Just tell us your customer number with each provider and get an overview of all prices for every one of your parcel shipments.

SPOT accesses the rates in real time directly from your CEP provider, including any personal discounts that may apply to you. This means you no longer need to log into each separate provider’s system and manually enter your details to check rates, place orders and track shipments – just use SPOT for an easy overview!

Or, if you prefer to have parcels sent directly from your warehouse, we create the necessary interfaces to enable automatic dispatch by your appointed CEP providers. We make sure the data is always up to date and supply you with the information you need to track your parcels, print shipment and return labels and more.

Integrated Transport Management

You want to enable automatic data transfer with all your CEP providers, but setting up multiple EDI connections is too much of a hassle? Sound like a job for SPOT! SPOT enables access to all major courier companies via standard API so you can check the most current rates, transit times and service details in real time.

You no longer need to set up multiple EDI connections between your CEP providers and your ERP/WMS system. By using one API instead of several direct EDI connections, we reduce the effort of maintaining individual interfaces and make it easy to switch service providers in case of changed market requirements.

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Customizable Dashboard

On your personalized SPOT Dashboard, you can easily manage your parcel shipments along with all other transport modes and carriers. The simple overview of all your Air, Sea, Road and Parcel shipments helps you save time and keep track of important milestones and changes.


Overview of all transport modes


All CEP providers on one platform


Flexible data exchange using RESTful APIs

Cost Savings

Easy cost comparison with near real-time rates


System-driven workflows and escalations


Send parcels directly from your warehouse

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