Wholesale customers choose SPOT as their supply chain management platform because it reduces communication effort and provides transparency throughout the procurement process.

Challenges & Solutions

As global sourcing has become common practice, the world seems to be getting smaller while distances to suppliers are growing. This often results in long lead times and delays, increased uncertainty, high communication and coordination efforts and an inefficient utilization of transport resources.


SPOT gives you a clear overview of all your shipments, simplifies communication and helps you enhance the utilization of resources thanks to system-supported order consolidation.

Delivery reliability and product availability are crucial, especially when customers order in bulk to resell items during a predetermined period. SPOT allows you to set and monitor deadlines for your individual milestones, such as latest cargo readiness, transport booking, desired delivery date and more. Delays and discrepancies are automatically escalated to the person in charge so that the necessary steps can be taken immediately.

Case Study

A medium-sized wholesaler in Austria had set up a supply network with approximately 15 suppliers in China. The client’s main customers were discount stores all over Europe, requiring a wide and flexible transportation network. As orders to the suppliers were customer-driven, there were no long-term forecasts or large amounts of stock...


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The global sourcing of goods can result in long lead times, which increase uncertainty in the procurement process. SPOT Tracking helps you keep an overview of your shipments at all times and proactively informs you in case of deviations.

Reminders & Alerts

Get informed whenever complications arise or deadlines are missed by system-driven reminders and alerts that can be customized to your needs and procurement processes.


Large distances between you and your suppliers can make it difficult to get the information you need at the right time, which can require an increased coordination effort, cause waiting times and unnecessary costs. SPOT Messenger provides centralized communication and information on item or shipment level that is easily accessible to all involved parties.


With SPOT Documents, you can share files with your suppliers and forwarders to keep everyone up to date and prevent surprises.

Workflow Automation

When your customers purchase items in bulk with the intention of reselling in a specific time frame, products must be available in the right quantities and in the right quality at the right time. Define milestones such as cargo readiness and delivery deadlines and SPOT will ensure that your production and delivery schedules are maintained. In case of any unexpected delays and deviations from the defined standard process, SPOT will send automatic reminders to the responsible parties so that they can put the process back on target as quickly as possible.

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Suppliers, carriers, logistics partners and your staff on one platform


Real-time information on item level

Cost Savings

Minimize emergency transports, maximize delivery reliability

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