Retail customers choose SPOT because it improves stock monitoring 
and simplifies communication with CEP service providers.

Challenges & Solutions

Empty shelves can mean lost sales, loss of reputation, and lost customers. Product availability is crucial, and inventory levels must be managed accordingly. With SPOT Warehousing, you can set minimum inventory levels and reorder points, identify bad sellers and keep an overview of your stock in all your warehouses or your logistics service providers' warehouses.


The recent ongoing trend of omni-channel distribution poses a challenge, but is also an opportunity for the retailing industry. Customers are not willing to wait long for out-of-stock items that may be available in a different location. SPOT supports omni-channel marketing by integrating parcel service providers so that orders are automatically transmitted to the parcel service provider’s transport management system. SPOT automatically chooses the most suitable or cost-efficient option and ensures carrier-compliant label printing.

Case Study

Our client Pacific Market International (PMI), a global leader in designing, marketing and manufacturing food and beverage solutions for busy lifestyles, was looking for an intelligent supply chain management system to optimize its procurement.


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Set minimum inventory levels and reorder points and identify bad sellers so you can lower your safety stock levels. Keep an overview of your inventory levels across all warehouses in real time.

Full Parcel Service Integration

Place orders in SPOT, where they are directly sent to the system of the integrated parcel service provider, choosing the most cost-efficient or most suitable option.

Label Printing

Carrier-compliant label printing is important to ensure accuracy and consistency and enable time-efficient handling of shipments. SPOT makes it easy to print labels that comply with the requirements of your freight forwarders and CEP providers.

Reporting & Analytics

Measure the delivery performance of your suppliers, view landed costs on item level, or let us know what KPIs you want to measure to steer your business. Our Business Intelligence Unit can provide you with custom reports and statistics tailored exactly to your requirements.

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Suppliers, carriers, logistics partners and your staff on one platform


Real-time information on item level

Cost Savings

Minimize emergency transports, maximize delivery reliability

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