Sector Challenges

Each industry faces its own range of supply chain challenges with different sourcing options,
production steps and transportation modes.


Just-in-Time (JIT) and Just-in-Sequence (JIS) processes play an important role in the automotive industry as components are costly and cannot be stocked in large quantities. Sourcing often relies on a large number of suppliers, which can make the procurement process challenging in regard to communication and coordination. Find out how SPOT can help you cope with these issues.

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Having the right products available in the right quality and quantity at the right time is of utmost importance to wholesale traders, since most customers order in large batches so they can resell items at special offers during a specific time period. As a result, the procurement process needs to be transparent to ensure that contractual agreements with clients are met. SPOT provides the tools to deal with this challenge.

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Inventory management is crucial in the retail industry as traders need to provide maximum product availability while also dealing with product obsolescence in the most efficient manner. This is why communication between suppliers is highly important in this competitive market.

Make use of SPOT to tackle these issues.

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The electronics industry is characterized by short product life cycles and a high innovation rate. Different parts are sourced from numerous suppliers who often rely on rare raw materials, which leads to uncertainty in the early stages of the supply chain. Procurement transparency is crucial since missing parts can hold up assembly lines. SPOT helps mitigate risk and uncertainty in your supply chain.

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In the clothing industry, demand is highly uncertain and depends on seasonal trends. Supplies need to be available at the beginning of the selling season while long lead times can increase the risk of late deliveries. Find out how SPOT can help you face these challenges.

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