SPOTworx offers independent and system-supported services to manage complex supply networks. We streamline every aspect of your supply chain, from procurement to transport, warehousing and distribution – all supported by an easy-to-use cloud application for optimized communication and information management: SPOT. 


The mission of SPOTworx is to transform the way companies manage their supply chains. As a leading provider of cloud-based supply chain management software, we help companies around the world to create value throughout their global supply chain by reducing costs, enhancing flexibility and lowering risk. We do this by creating a digital model of the flow of goods and information that enables visibility and collaboration between all parties involved in a logistics process.

We digitize manual processes with comprehensive automation for global supply chain management activities such as purchase orders, transport and warehouse management and control tower operations. We provide reporting and data analytics to identify areas for optimization and deliver a platform that is responsive and flexible to adapt to individual processes within today’s complex supply networks.



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The world continues to change at a rapid pace, demanding new and innovative logistics and IT solutions. Finding these solutions requires a healthy dose of curiosity and creativity, paired with solid technical know-how, effective teamwork, and a solution-oriented approach.

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